Electric skateboard startup Inboard announces an e-scooter with swappable batteries

Having raised $8 million and conquered Shark Tank, electric skateboard-maker Inboard Technology is now taking aim at Uber, Bird, and Lime with its first e-scooter, dubbed the “Glider”. Touted as the “only scooter with a swappable battery,” pre-orders for the $1,299 two-wheeler begin this fall ahead of its February 2019 release date.

Coming early 2019 for $1,299

California startup Inboard Technology is moving beyond electric skateboards with a new e-scooter called the Glider. Available starting in February 2019, the Glider costs $1,299, though Inboard also says it wants to sell fleets of them to businesses, universities, or cities.

The Glider shares at least two of the ideas that made Inboard’s first product, the M1 electric skateboard, stand out from its competition. It’s powered by an in-wheel hub motor that puts out 750W of power, giving the scooter a top speed of more than 20 miles per hour.

The battery can also be easily swapped for a fresh one, meaning range is not a problem if you’re willing to pay for spares. Each battery lasts long enough to give the scooter about 12 miles of range. No pricing has been set for the spare batteries yet, though.

With big wheels, a coiled suspension, and an 8.1-inch wide deck, the Glider should offer a fairly smooth ride, especially when compared to the slimmer e-scooters that make up the fleets of well-known startups like Bird and Lime. Inboard’s Glider also folds up, and has LED head and tail lights.

Inboard has found success with its electric skateboard, but the recent e-scooter boom is a completely different game. To break in, the company plans to sell Glider directly to consumers while also making it possible for the scooter to be used by fleet operators (or, perhaps, even other scooter share services — Inboard says Glider can “link to any network”).

While it looks like a premium ride, the $1,299 price tag is definitely above what some of the highly rated e-scooter competition goes for. And in the scooter sharing part of the market, some of the biggest players are companies like Uber and Lyft.

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